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Lesson3 Chinese Paper Art

Learning aims
1. To use the key words to describe paper cuts; 2. To read the text for general and specific information;

Warm up
Have you finished your homework? Can you show it to us? The victorious group will get my art works.

Look atin the Lead

What subject(主题) do they belong to?

pictures of paper cuts.




rooster bat

Chinese characters


On what occasion can we see them?

temples religious


design patterns

Fast reading
Task1: What's the main purpose of the writer's writing the passage? ( A )

A. To introduce Chinese paper art.
C. To advise people to try out paper art. D. To introduce a paper-cutting expert.

B. To describe how wonderful paper art is.

Fast reading
Task2: Divide the 7 paragraphs into 4 parts according to its main idea.
Part 1 (


The beginning of the interview.

Part 2 ( 2 ) The history of Chinese paper art.
Part 3 (3-6) The types of Chinese paper art. Part 4 ( 7 ) The ending of the interview.

Task1: Look through the article and choose the answer.

Careful reading

1. From what Mr Chen said in Paragraph 2, we can A. paper cutting has a long history and is of great
importance in people's life. B. paper cutting has been important since the Northern and Southern Dynasty. C. in the Southern Song Dynasty, if a woman was not conclude that _________. A

good at cutting, no man would marry her.
D. as a Chinese folk art, paper cutting has a history as long as time.

2. The phrase "put up" in Paragraph 4 can be replaced

C by ________.

3. What is the literary type of the interview?______ A
A. Exposition(说明文) C. Argumentation(议论文) B. Narrative(记叙文) D. Prose(散文)

A. built

B. made

C. posted

D. produced

D 4. What do you suppose will most probably happen?__
A. Mr Chen will make paper cuts for the writer.

B. Mr Chen will marry a girl with good cutting skills.
C. The writer will become an expert in paper-cutting.

D. The writer will visit Mr Chen again.

Careful reading
Task2: Read the article separately to finish exercises.

PART 1: Chen’s information
I am Chen Zijiang I am a Chinese paper-cutting ______________expert. I learned paper cutting from

an early age. . ____________

PART 2: History of paper art(T/ F)

1. The paper cuts found in temples tombs show that this folk art dates back to the Northern and Southern Dynasty. F
2. By the Southern Song Dynasty, Paper become important part of in cutting had played anan unimportant role everyday life.


3. In ancient time, a man would look at a woman's paper-cutting skills before marrying her. T

PART 3: Three types
decoration seen on_________and_______; gates windows 1.For __________: put up to bring good ______;used ________ as________; luck presents to celebrate a baby born, we send a paper cut of children to celebrate a wedding, we send a paper _______; cut of the Chinese character for ______________. double happiness

Three types of 2.For religious purposes: often found in temples; paper used as ________ offerings to the dead. cuts used to
design 3.For ________ patterns: used to decorate jewellery boxes ____________________.

make patterns on clothing _______________________.

dragons are popular patterns.

PART 4: Wave goodbye
Q: The purpose of the author to visit

D Chen next week is to _______.

A. go on the interview. B. invite him to take part in a TV show. C. talk about other folk arts. D. try out his first paper cut with the help of Chen.

Show time
Supposing that you tend to auction off(拍卖) your
art work, how will you introduce it to the buyers? Name:

Made by:
Feature: colour, shape...

Meaning: design concept, significance(意义)...
Base Price:$(1-100)

In my opinion, your paper cuts are priceless, because Chinese paper art is not only the treasure of Chinese folk

culture, but also the world protected
culture heritage( 世界文化遗产 ). We

should try our best to protect Chinese
folk arts.

1. Do EX. 10 on Page 41. 2. Prepare to retell the passsage next class.

Clap for the winners!

You got the presents!